Sunday, June 5, 2016

First Descent Down Hooter Canyon

Hooter Canyon was named by Scott Swaney about the same time he had led our group of five on the canyon's first descent about a month ago. He had seen an owl flying by and after I pointed out the owl's nest up on the canyon cliffs, Scott seemed pretty sure it was a sign. So, Hooter Canyon (part of the Nopah Range outside of Death Valley). The cliffs were part of the only rappel in the canyon, a more-than 300' drop with an 80' free rappel at the bottom. This shot is of Jason hanging in mid-air with a prominent tower in the background (Scott had named the next canyon over Tower Canyon). The light wasn't great, which is an occupational hazard of photographing canyoneering, but the spectacular surroundings made up for it.

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