Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Revisiting An Old (Canyon) Friend

My friends and I revisited Rubio Canyon on Saturday, our first canyon (and you never forget your first one). We ran the entire length from above Leontine Falls (130' rappel), down to Thalehaha Falls, which was the first rappel we ever did back in 2010 and at that time it was a real gusher (90' rappel) and on through to the end. An excellent day with wonderful memories of the past. And we got to introduce a newbie named Alan to canyoneering at the same time.

I chose black and white just because I was a little bored with the color versions of the shots. Something about the light in the canyon that day that was truly unspectacular. I'm not sure if the conversion to black and white completely solved that issue but it seemed to help.

Rich rappeling above Leontine Falls.
Alan rappelling down Leontine Falls.

Alan on the wall, Leontine Falls.

Rich shouting up instructions to Kevin who didn't know the pull rope hadn't gone down all the way.

Kevin descending Leontine Falls.

Jerri working her way over a chock stone.

Jerri belaying Kevin.

It took three guys to help Jerri over a downclimb. . . And another to photograph it.

Jerri slipping on the gooey moss on Thalehaha Falls, the most slippery rappel in all of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Yours truly leaping down a rappel. Thanks to Rich for taking a great picture.