Friday, July 3, 2015

Never Wait For That Picture!

I'm sure I'm not alone among photographers who pass by a photographic opportunity and blow it off for all sorts of reasons. I've told myself too many times that the opportunity will repeat itself when I return. Ehem. Sure. Rarely does. The light is different, usually, or some other issue. So I was in the front yard of the house where I currently live, and saw how birds were landing on the neighbor's leaky yard faucet for a drink (by the way, I call shame on him for allowing this to continue in a drought; who knows how many gallons are disappearing every day thanks to this steady drip-drip). Instead of telling myself I would get around to setting up a shot, I immediately pulled out my Canon 1Dx, 500mm f/4 lens and 1.4x extender, a Gitzo monopod, and sat on the steps to our house about 20 feet away from the faucet. In the span of maybe 20 minutes, I got these two fellows. Considering that this property will probably be bulldozed in the next few months, my initiative was justified and I can sleep knowing I didn't get lazy.

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