Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vezelay, France

It amazes me sometimes how I used to travel with a medium format film camera (Bronica SQ-A), along with a big bag of film, three or four monster lenses and a heavy tripod. And then when I got back home, I'd spend hours upon hours mixing chemistry and developing the film. And then a few more days making contact sheets and enlargements. My DSLRs and lenses aren't much lighter, unfortunately, but I don't spend all those hours in the dark anymore ruining my health with the photo chemicals. I now ruin my eyesight staring into a computer. At any rate, here are three pictures from a beautiful little town in north-central France called Vezelay, which is primarily known for the hundreds-year-old church there called Basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine where supposedly there are some artifacts from Mary Magdelene. I'm skeptical. But the ancient feel of the village is wonderful and soothing in a strange way as if it appeals to some old memory from another lifetime. So I spent hours and hours with my Bronica and heavy pack full of equipment roaming about looking for compositions.


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