Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuolumne Meadows to Mammoth

I should never underestimate the power of restriction. That is, regarding photography. To change my perspective while on a backpacking trip from Yosemite's Tuolumne Meadows to a place called Agnew Meadows near Mammoth Lakes, I limited myself to a 70-200mm lens while hiking. I had noticed that I wasn't happy with my pictures lately—that the background was getting pushed back too much with my reliance on a 24-70mm lens. Granted, while I was in camp I allowed myself the use of a 16-35mm lens but I found I didn't really use it that much. Most of the time, when I needed a wider shot, I took a series of pictures with the long lens so I could stitch them together later. In that way, I maintained the compressed perspective I was trying to achieve.

I'm going to have to do this more often. I really liked the results.

Our group of eight at the start. A combination of two pictures to get the best smiles.
Hiking through the early morning steam coming off the wet ground.
Cammy, Jerri and Reid crossing the Tuolomne River in what Reid said was an impersonation of the Abby Road album cover. They look more like something out of Monty Python, I think.
Yours truly hoofing it through Lyell Canyon after about three miles in my humble version of the selfie (done with a wireless remote). I didn't look quite so fresh for much longer.
Grass along the Tuolomne River bank.
Steps leading into a river crossing.
Approaching storm clouds over Lyell Canyon that later dumped on us after we set up camp.
Reid taking a break at the Tuolomne River.
The river passing our campsite. Shot at an exposure of 30 seconds with a ten-stop neutral density filter.

Another selfie. This time crossing a lake outlet on the climb to 11,000' Donahue Pass.
One more selfie. Hiking away from Donahue Pass.

This marmot later tried to steal my GPS while I was recharging it with a solar panel. Don't like marmots.
Clouds near Donahue Pass.
Approaching storm clouds just south of Thousand Island Lake. They never hit us, fortunately.

Yours truly praising the gods for such fine weather while Reid sips from the lake.

Reid cooling off in Thousand Island Lake with Banner Peak behind him.

The gang relaxing on the grassy shore.
This woman was doing yoga poses across from us and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

The traditional quesadilla night meal.

Our cramped camp at Thousand Island Lake.

Sunset, Thousand Island Lake and Banner Peak.

One of several fish that Kirk caught at Thousand Island Lake. He released all of them.

Early morning, Thousand Island Lake and Banner Peak.
Garnet Lake with Mt. Ritter (left) and Banner Peak.
The creek at our last camp above Lake Ediza. Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak are in the background.

Kirk crossing the creek on the final morning.

Annette and Reid dipping into Shadow Creek for water.

Storm clouds over Mammoth Mountain as we descended from Shadow Lake.

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