Monday, April 14, 2014

Imaginary Accidents, part 1

Lately now, I've been hankering to do something completely differently photographically without worrying whether it receives approval or not. (I probably should take that attitude more often, but the desire for compliments is regrettably strong.)

What this emerging contrarian streak means is I've been fascinated by the skid marks we all see on roads, sometimes around intersections and sometimes in the oddest places. What happened? I ask. Was there a serious accident or just a close call? So for the past few years, whenever it's convenient (and safe), I'll stop the car, plant myself more often than not in the middle of the road and photograph the skid mark.

With any luck, there might be someone out there who looks at the pictures, which I'm titling "Imaginary Accidents", and also wonder, "What happened?"

Owen's Valley

Mountain Avenue

Reseda Boulevard

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